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December 20 2003


Introduction on Slotcar Racing
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  Introduction on Slotcar Racing
In the Netherlands and Begium there are several clubs for slotcar-racing.
Mainly they race the scale 1:32 Slotcars from different fabrics:
  • Ninco (Spain)
  • SCX (Spain)
  • Scalextric (England)
  • Fly (Spain)

    The 1/24 Slotracing Le Mans Series Organizes a dutch championship for Slotrace 1:24.
    Racing gives ofcourse an extra dimension when you have championships. Ofcourse there are club championships and National championships.

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  •   Track family Perotti

    We also build a 4-lane track 1:32 scale from scalextric at our attic.

    The track is over 20 meters long.

    We drive the Plastic Production Slotcars (Ninco SCX Fly etc.) Deze zijn onderverdeeld in twee klassen: Standaard en Super Standaard (licht verbeterd).
    We use the SlotRace Manager to measure the laptimes.
    After each race, you can store laptimes and racetimes for future reference in SRM's database. These times are linked to the specific driver, car and track. You can then rotate lanes and race again!
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      Hotslot, Victorieplein 25, Amsterdam

    Slotracing LeMans website

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