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Cristina BOZA
Painters Paradise

Cristina at the entrance of her gallery
in Amsterdam
Nov 30 2003


Cristina BOZA
Cristina BOZA was born in 1962 in Seville, Spain, where it became apparante during her early childhood that she had a natural talent for drawing.
At age 21 she decided to become a professional Artist painter. After succesfully going through courses in Barcelona and Amsterdam, she exhibits her works. Stimulated with the audience responce she opens her own studio and gallery in Amsterdam.
This gives her a more direct exposure to the general public which supports her in her development as an all-round artist.
Then she moved tot Paris, the city of worlds finest Art, and follows courses at various Art-schools of which the Montpernasse School of fine Arts. In parallel she organized various exhibitions to show and sell her works to the Paris' audience.
After she moved to New York (where she showed some of her works in Rye Gallery) and London, to organize several exhibitions, she now lives the captial of her native country: Madrid.

Cristina can make your wish come true: give her an idea or a picture and she will transform it into a painting.

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