Nortel leads the way in VoIP applications that support teleworkers

By Edwin Mier, Network World Global Test Alliance
Network World, 12/08/03

IP telephony is extending new features and capabilities to mobile employees and road warriors, and revolutionizing the way teleworkers connect and work with their counterparts back in the office.

In this test we compared the telework offerings of five leading IP telephony vendors under real-world IP WAN conditions. We found that the vendor packages - from Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel Networks and Nortel - vary in their security infrastructure; recommended equipment; breadth of new applications and features; price; and quality of voice communications.

Kudos to Nortel, the Network World Blue Ribbon winner with its MCS 5100 - a new SIP-based IP PBX and applications platform. Nortel earns high grades for its collaboration features, including videoconferencing, instant messaging, whiteboarding and Web co-browsing.

Via onderstaande link, kunt u rechtstreeks een Flash Demo bekijken. Nortel Succession MCS5100

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