Maintenance of a DeLorean

Het body panels are made of brushed Stainless Steel (SS 304).
This SS is often mentioned as "dairy grade" because this sort is often used in kitchens.
SS 304 is softer then SS 316. SS 316 is often used in the industrial industry.

The SS panels have no "glans" or any other coating, but are brushed in the factory. Greasy fingers are shown on the SS when touched. The SS is simply cleaned with a SS cleaner.
Light scratches are easily removed with a 'schuurpapiertje'.

De body of the car is made of fiberglass. The Stainless steel panels are connected to this body.
The car has an 'epoxy dipped soft steel frame', designed by Lotus and has several simularities with the Lotus Elan.

There are no officiële dealers of the DeLorean in the Netherlands.
Many parts of the engine are similar to that one used in the Peugeot 604, Renault 30 (V6), Renault Alpine A310 or Volvo 260 (V6). For repairs of the engine, most of the time you can go to a dealer of one of the mentioned types.
Other parts are hard to get in the Netherlands.
Dat means that when you are not able to repair the car yourself, you have to go to non-dealership garages.
Most of the time, they are not familiar with the specific technics of the DeLorean. When they are not familiar with ordering the parts through the internet, you might have a chance that they use alternative parts, which might influence the use of the car.
How and where to order parts, you can read at our page Technic.

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