Dutch Modifications

In all EC coutries there are different procedures for getting your car registered and/or licenced. Therefore also the modifications differ per country.
To give an example: in the UK for a used car only a MOT certificate is enough to have the car checked technicaly. This means that the inspection is based on the technical operation of the different parts.

In the Netherlands the DeLorean must be approved by the Vehicle Registration Office (RDW).
Besides this there are differences for the UK: the foglight must be located on the right rear side instead of the left side and the beam of the headlights must be directed to the left instead of the right.

Modifications for the dutch Approval (RDW)
Apart from the standard checks as brakes, lights, exhaust, wipers, safety belts, tires, etc, etc, there are only limited alterations nescarely to get the car technical approved.
Since this information is usable for the Netherlands only, the rest is in dutch:
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